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Since joining Einstürzende Neubauten in 1997, Jochen Arbeit has placed his own indelible stamp on the experimental group’s distinctive sound, along with numerous solo and collaborative endeavors; the latest of these is with Sonja Kosche on the three-track album Tier Macht Toene (Animal Makes Sounds). “Nothing was planned or predictable,” Arbeit explains, the album having taken shape due to the isolation incurred by the pandemic, describing its construction as “emotions that were hidden in the dark and finally broke free, and told not only from old despair and not overcome trauma, but also brought strength, satisfaction, peace, and calm.” He goes on to draw parallels to an animal (Tier) awakening, releasing trauma in the form of sound (Toene) “the stories it had to tell of loneliness, but also from interactions that led to reactions that were not always agreed upon, rarely harmonic…” The first of the three tracks, “Trauma” acts as the first single from Tier Macht Toene, clocking in at just over 12 minutes and exemplary of the artists’ use of unorthodox and homemade instruments – some built by Sonic Youth guitar builder Yuri Landman of Hypercustom Guitar. The album marks Arbeit’s second collaboration with Kosche, the pair having released the Zuhaus album via Eroto Tox Decodings earlier this year; of their partnerhip, he comments, “How can one describe what is not describable when two meet? The one who was inside the Berlin Music Scene for decades with knowledge that seemed obvious, and the other who made music a long time ago, but lost herself for decades, and did not trust to express herself from fear of what could come up with it and emerge.” Due for digital release on September 23 via Dymaxion Groove, Tier Macht Toene can be pre-ordered on the label’s webstore and Bandcamp.


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