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Other than a live album release in 2015, audiences have not had the pleasure of a new album from the San Antonio electo/industrial act Jihad since 1997’s A Prayer in the Night. On April 30, that long silence was broken as James Mendez released Retrospekt, featuring 10 brand new Jihad tracks entirely created and mixed by Mendez; blending old-school electronic atmospheres and thrusting EBM rhythms with a sleekly abrasive industrial edge, Retrospekt picks up where the band last left off with a sound that takes the next logical step from Mendez’s original inspiration by fellow Texan industrialists Mentallo & The Fixer. Additionally, the record marks the first Jihad release with Mendez taking on lead vocals, his brother Rich Mendez (also of Benestrophe) having been the original vocalist. Retrospekt is now available digitally via Bandcamp, as well as in a hardcover casebound CD book.



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