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Although primarily known as the front man for Killing Joke, Jaz Coleman has also earned a considerable reputation for his contributions to modern classical music, both as a conductor and as a composer. With Magna Invocation (translating from Latin to “The Great Invocation”), Coleman works with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic – Russia’s oldest orchestra – to present the more melodic aspects of Killing Joke’s music, reinterpreting such songs as “In Cythera,” “The Raven King,” “Absent Friends,” “Adorations,” “Honor the Fire,” and more into a processional, uplifting, and transcendental classical experience; 13 tracks spanning 90 minutes across two-disc’s worth, Magna Invocatio is described as “a passion project recorded a time of international tension and delivered against the odds,” with the album’s conception ” to appeal to those not generally engaged with the world of orchestral music.” Of the album, Coleman comments that he wanted “to portray some of the more hidden or occulted milestones of the human race that have captured my imagination for some four decades,” referring to the songs as “sacred texts” and “Words of Power” had a profound effect on him at various stages of his own life, “inflaming and lifting my spirits to another level.” He concludes by saying that “The end goal was always to bring magic into the listener’s life in some meaningful way.”
With a release date of November 29 via Spinefarm Records, Magna Invocatio: A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke will be available digitally, as well as in two-CD and double vinyl formats. Killing Joke is currently on tour with experimental metal act Tool, which began on October 15 in Denver, CO and will continue until November 25 in Washington, DC; a full listing of tour dates can be found on the bands’ websites.
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  1. Daar,

    Great to see the release date for the symphonic Killing Joke album.
    Have pais money since 2016 Will this album send what we reserves had
    Hope you van give me more information Aboutaleb this.
    A great KJ fan

  2. Vincent says:

    Hi, i’m waiting for 3 years , it is lost for me ??(subscription on Pledge Music in 2016)

    Thanks for news.

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