Jun 2020 30

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Known primarily as the inimitable voice of Killing Joke, Jaz Coleman is never a man to stay quiet for very long; as an author, conductor, and musical collaborator, there is no shortage of outlets for him to express his ire towards a world gone mad. Such is the case with Black & Red, his new project with Czech visual artist and didgeridoo musician Ondřej Šmejkal, as the pair has unveiled the music video for the debut single “On the Day the Earth Went Mad.” Stating that the project made sense after the COVID-19 lockdowns, Coleman asks the question, “Who’s mad now? We all are.” He goes on to explain that Black & Red was conceived in Australia in 2010 when his search for “the greatest virtuoso of the didgeridoo” led him to Šmejkal in Prague; desiring to “create and develop a new therapeutic musical system whose primary function was healing,” the pair incorporated Indian harmonium in order to effectively recreate the recordings live.

Mixed by Ben McCulloch and mastered by Tim Debney, “On the Day the Earth Went Mad” is now available to purchase digitally via Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, and Apple Music; the red 10-inch vinyl single, along with a test pressing, are both available in limited quantities via Coleman’s website.


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