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For the second single off his 2018 Legion album, dark electro/industrial artist and music video director Jason Alacrity has unveiled the video for “Floodplane.” In contrast to the performance style of the preceding title track, “Floodplane” showcases alacrity’s visual skills at their most surreal, presenting a glitch-laden collage or evocative imagery set to the song’s relentless groove and distorted textures; in the artist’s own words, “Floodplane” is “an exploration of deterioration at the hands of time and addiction,” as the visuals “degrade and we slip deeper underwater.”

Alacrity released Legion on May 1, 2018, marking his first album of new material since 2012. He has directed music videos for Skinny Puppy, Stripped Polaris, and Combichrist, having toured with the latter band in Europe in summer of this year.


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