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Ultraterrestrials – the experimental ambient noise project featuring Jared Louche – will be releasing a new full-length LP, titled Awoke Three Times in the Night, on Friday, March 27. Collecting material the band has recorded over a five year period, Louche made the announcement via Patreon, describing it as “a collection of disturbances – disturbed music for disturbed times.” He goes on to elaborate on its creation, referring to the spontaneity and interplay among he, Richard Miles, and Tom Mugridge – “Though there are structured pieces we return to periodically, both in our working space at the Lubyanka and in performance, much of what we do is improvisational, craved from the wood of the moment.” On the Patreon post, Louche offers a taste of the album with the track “1-800-Maelstrom,” which he explains, “unfolded as soon as I came through the door at The Fish of Stars. Richard and Tom were already weaving light-winking barbed threads and as I was already feeling caught up in their maelstrom of chaos, I let this one unfurl. Quick. Irreverent. Done.” Another track, titeld “Throw It All Out,” was featured on the Chemlab Tape Decay compilation released in 2019. Past material by Ultraterrestrials has been notoriously difficult to find as the band had sold the records and tapes in limited quantities almost exclusively at shows and events, with Louche stating that Awoke… will be released via the band’s own distribution wing, Terrestrial Channel.


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