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One of the most celebrated names in the realm of coldwave and machine/rock, front man Jared Louche has announced that Chemlab is now working with U.K. based industrial imprint Armalyte Industries. In a post shared on the band’s various social media platforms, Louche speaks highly of the label and its roster – comparing it to the likes of WaxTrax! – along with its key figures Giles Moorhouse, Jules Seifert, and F.J. DeSanto (Trade Secrets, Hypefactor), whom he credits as “NYC Machine Rock stalwart and Quality Control Maven.” Louche goes on to say, “after admiring Armalyte Industries from afar for a while, I’m finally walking through the glitchy portal and making a filthy, ragged nest for myself here,” stating further that he is in the midst of amassing materials – music and recently unearthed photos – for a retrospective collection, an “as-yet-untitled retrospeculum” that will also “pave the way for new Chemlab material and other charred and decadent delicacies.” As part of this collection, Louche comments, “Extensive details will follow over the next few months, but suffice it to say it’ll contain the much-fabled trove of Burn Out and East Side cassettes demos commingling with offcuts of PRUDE, Ultraterrestrials, dogtablet, Ether of Souls, Altered Statesmen, and a delirious scornucopia of other too-often unheard or unreleased delights.”
Louche had semi-officially laid Chemlab to rest with the band’s performance at the ColdWaves memorial tribute to Jamie Duffy in 2012, subsequently releasing various odd tracks and the debut album from PRUDE, The Dark Age of Consent, on Metropolis Records in 2014. In 2018, the Chemlab name was revived with a new lineup featuring Dead On TV and GoFight members Daniel Evans, Vince McAley, and Mike Love backing Louche on a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar debut album; the tour included appearances at ColdWaves in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. Since then, a new recording by the band appeared on Riveting Music’s A Riveting Protest compilation, covering The Pixies environmentalist anthem “Monkey Gone to Heaven.”

Jared Louche’s full announcement can be read via Facebook. The band will once again be performing at this year’s ColdWaves VIII in Chicago on Thursday, September 19.


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  1. Nick Edge says:

    Chemlab also performed in Portland on September 28th, with Eric Powell’s more electronic outfit, H3llb3nt, and Adrian H and The Wounds. Fantastic show! All headline-worthy acts. Jared is a fine, friendly human being, and truly knows how to put on a show!

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