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Singer/songwriter Jarboe has announced that she will be performing at this year’s NecronomiCon, the convention and conference devoted to the genre of weird fiction and the works of H.P. Lovecraft in particular. Taking place at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI on August 24 with additional performances by Godflesh and Morne, Jarboe will be reading from her surrealist prose piece The Feast to Forget Time, backed by musical atmospheres provided by Kris Force, P. Emerson Williams, and Brett Robinson. Tickets and additional information are available via the NecronomiCon website and Facebook event page.
Additionally, Jarboe has announced that she has completed lyrics and vocal recordings for a new album by Blackmouth – her collaborative project with producer/artist John Bergin (Trust Obey, C17H19NO3) and musician Brett Smith (Trust Obey, Caul). The album is currently in the mixing stages, with plans to announce a release date coming soon, marking the band’s first new release since its debut in 2000. Another of her many collaborations, the 2003 Neurosis & Jarboe album has been remastered and repackaged on vinyl for the first time, with autographed pre-orders available via her website; a digital edition of the album is available to pre-order via Bandcamp, to be released on August 2.


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NecronomiCon Providence
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Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp
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