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Musician/songwriter Jack Alberson has announced the debut single from his new collaborative project Blindcopy, due for release on Friday, November 20, titled “Blacklight.” Among the featured performers on the single are Cat Hall (Dissonance), Carl Marsh (Shriekback), Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves), and solo artist Sapphira Vee, along with Xanthe Mumm-Saucier (Lipstick Stains), Chris Willburn (Collapse of Dawn), and J.D. Reager; as well, “Blacklight” will showcase remixes by Vee, The Joy Thieves, Melodywhore, Arthhur, and ZJC, with additional remixes to be added to the “living single” in December. The project was founded as an outlet for Alberson to raise money for The Trevor Project, the largest organization devoted to crisis intervention and suicide prevention for young people in the LGBTQ community; “it’s very important to support the generations to come,” Alberson states, “whoever they may be and however they feel inside. It can be tough to feel accepted, heard, and supported in a hate-filled world.” He goes on to say, “My life has been shaped and enhanced by so many people who happen to be LGBTQIA+, and I remember just how tough it was to feel different or out of place as an adolescent.” Available to purchase now on Bandcamp, all sales from the single will go to The Trevor Project.


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