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As musician/producer Klayton continues to revamp the 1995 self-titled debut of his industrial/metal band Circle of Dust, so too has he been building upon the project’s foundations by working with many contemporary acts in the genre; among them have been Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, The Anix, and now, iVardensphere. With “Dissolved” being the latest single released in the 25th Anniversary series, the new remix from Scott Fox and Jamie Blacker transports the original song’s muscular guitar riffs and dynamic rhythms to the dance floor in the trademark tribally percussive style the band is known for, topped off by shrill synth bass and retaining Klayton’s vocoder treatments. “Scott and I bonded over Eurorack modular synths sometime in the mid-2000s,” Klayton explains, “After he convinced me that I needed to buy his discontinued and highly coveted Make Noise Music QMMG module, I knew we had to work together on something someday. That day has come and I think you guys are going to dig the sound design and fresh take on a Circle of Dust classic. Crank it up!”

Released today, June 24, via FiXT, the iVardensphere remix of “Dissolved” is now available in both a vocal and instrumental version as a standalone single, or as part of the Dissolved EP, which includes the song in its 25th Anniversary mix, a new Disintegration remix, and the remastered 1995 version originally released as part of the 2016 back catalog reissues. As an added bonus, the EP also features the instrumental mixes of the iVardensphere and 25th Anniversary versions, as well as an early demo of the song never before released.


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