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From Columbus, OH comes ItheVirus with the dark electro/industrial band’s latest release, The Human Filth Process, dropping on March 20. A concept record about the cycle of addictions ignited by societal discord and the pressures of a world marred by hypocrisy and emotional disconnect, the album’s 10 tracks culminate with the question of “Will the addict find peace, or will the addict repeat the cycle?” Appearing on The Human Filth Process is esteemed Swedish guitarist Björn Gelotte of the heavy metal band In Flames, performing on the track “American Dream,” a track in which the band states the addict descends further into madness with the realization that the so-called American Dream was but a means of controlling the population.

Now available for pre-order via Bandcamp in limited edition 12-inch vinyl and digital formats, The Human Filth Process presents the first full-length album from ItheVirus, having released two Brain Lapse EPs (“Side A” and “Side B”), along with a remix single, and performing a remix of 3TEETH’s “Pit of Fire.” The record is preceded by the music video for “Obedient Delusions,” referencing the Stanley Milgram experiments of 1961, which examined the psychology of the common citizens’ blind obedience to perceived authority figures. The band states that further video content is currently in the works.


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