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One of Italy’s most celebrated experimental and industrial musicians, Maurizio Bianchi has joined forces with British sound designer Justin Wiggan to produce THEMENISHI (Volume One). Combining droning atmospheres with distorted electronics and dissonant melodies, the album draws its thematic inspiration from “sheminith” – a Hebrew term denoting a low register or way of composing; as such, THEMENISHI focuses on the low registers, emphasizing noise and bass in the musical scale to evoke what the pair refers to as “full of pathos and modulatory emotionality, for the restoration of ancestral spirituality in anticipation of future selective activity.” Written and recorded by Bianchi and Wiggan in the Spring of 2020 and due for release on August 17 via non-profit imprint International Ephemera, the album was mastered by I.E. to be played at high volume; the initial cassette pressing of THEMENISHI (Volume One) is limited to 20 copies, which can be ordered along with digital versions of the album via Bandcamp.


M.B./Maurizio Bianchi
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Justin Wiggan
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International Ephemera
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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