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Prominent electronic and synthpop act Information Society continues to make strides in modern recording technology as the band’s forthcoming album ODDfellows will marks the very first full-length release to make use of THXⓇ Spatial Audio. Often used in gaming platforms to improve the immersive qualities of the medium and provide audio “that sounds like it’s coming from ‘outside your head,'” this THXⓇ Spatial Audio version simulates the 5.1 environment and is specifically rendered for headphones. Founder/producer Paul Robb comments that “We like to play around the edges of what’s possible in recorded music, and so we are excited to provide our music to our fans with deeper immersion and a 360° soundscape experience,” with ODDfellows to also be made available in a standard stereo edition; Robb goes on to say that “We’ve always been a technically adventurous band, and I think this is just another example of that.” Working with the band on the spatial mix is Kasson Crooker (Symbion Project, Freezepop), with Robb adding that he “really did a great job of putting the songs into a different, larger space, and I think it really helps you get lost in the music.” Clarifying about the album’s spelling that the capitalized letters “definitely do not stand for Oppositional Defiant Disorders,” referencing the long tenure of fellow founding members vocalist Kurt Larson and bassist James Cassidy, along with longtime member Zeke Prebluda, ODDfellows marks INSOC’s eighth album, following the 2016 release of Orders of Magnitude and the Brothers! Sisters! remix EP that same year. Since then, the band has released digital singles for “Nothing Prevails,” “World Enough,” “Bennington,” and “Room 1904,” all four of which will appear on the new record, which is due for release on August 6. Digital editions of ODDfellows will be released via Robb’s Hakatak International imprint, while plans are place to issue CD and vinyl editions with Negative Gain Records at a later date.





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