Apr 2019 11

Infinite Fog Productions announces COIL collection featuring 150 minutes of previously unreleased material
Long after the band’s activity has ceased, there seems to be no end to the wellspring of material created by highly influential experimental act COIL as Infinite Fog Productions has announced the release of Swanyard. Featuring nearly 150 minutes of previously unreleased recordings from 1993-1996, the Swanyard features 23 tracks selected and assembled by longtime COIL associate Danny Hyde from the studio archives, with the collection mastered by Attrition’s Martin Bowes in his Cage Studio. Additionally, the album’s artwork was commissioned by Nurse with Wound’s Steven Stapleton, created from a recalled dream by COIL’s Jhon Balance; under the moniker of “Babs Santini,” Stapleton had created various works of art for COIL, including the cover of Love’s Secret Domain.
Due for release in May of 2019, Swanyard can be pre-ordered now via the Storming the Base Bandcamp in two-CD digipak and three-LP vinyl formats, both shipping out on June 7. Infinite Fog Productions’ webstore also has the digipak and three-LP editions, along with a collector’s box edition limited to 55 copies, which contains the two-CD release, a specially mastered two-cassette version of the album, and a silver Black Sun Productions logo necklace; also available and limited to 33 copies is a wooden box edition containing the three-LP release with a reproduction of Stapleton’s artwork on a metal plate with wall mounts.


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