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Long regarded as one of the most experimental and singular entities in modern music, COIL produced not only an extensive discography of original music, but contributed to numerous soundtracks during its tenure; among them was the erotic video Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage, with Infinite Fog Productions now reissuing the esoteric collection in its complete form; much of the material presented on this release was featured on 2019’s The Sound of Musick compilation issued by the Threshold Archives.
Due for release on September 23, the album showcases COIL’s dreamier, more ambient qualities, with this new edition featuring the soundtrack’s original 10 tracks, along eight exclusive never-before-heard tracks written and recorded during the same “Basilisk Productions” era; among them are three theme tracks from Derek Jarman’s Blue, including “The Hills Are Alive,” which the imprint refers to as “so badly wanted on vinyl.”

With artwork by Steven Stapleton, the new complete edition of Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage was mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios, and is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp and the Inifinite Fog webstore in multiple formats, including CD digipak, black vinyl, a two-LP gatefold collector’s edition limited to 55 copies, and three vinyl variants each limited to 100 copies – mega splatter, blue heavy splatter, and ultraclear.


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