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Three of the most celebrated and influential bands in industrial music – MINISTRY, KMFDM, and Front Line Assembly – have announced that they will be embarking on a North American tour this summer. The Industrial Strength Tour finds MINISTRY celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the band’s game-changing The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste album, originally released in November 1989; “Who knew we’d still be around to see this day,” comments Al Jourgensen, “But since we are alive and kicking, we figured we’d hop in the way-back machine and recreate the infamous original tour with KMFDM, and add in Front Line Assembly as well.” The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste remains one of the most momentous albums in the genre, with such songs as “Thieves,” “Burning Inside,” and “So What” heralded the innovative blending of programmed electronics and mechanical soundscapes with aggressive guitars. Touring for the album in 1989 brought KMFDM to American shores, touring for the UAIOE record and introducing western audiences to the Ultra Heavy Beat; with the 2019 release of PARADISE, KMFDM further infused funk and dub/reggae elements in a manner that has reminded many of UAIOE, making their placement on the Industrial Strength Tour even more appropriate. Additionally, Chris Connelly has announced via his social media that he will be joining MINISTRY, marking his first tour with the band since 1993; he appeared onstage with MINISTRY at several performances in 2019.
Spanning a total of 25 dates, the tour begins on July 1 in Seattle, WA and concludes on August 1 in San Francisco, with Jourgensen stating, “Don’t miss it this time, because we’ll be in wheelchairs for sure in another 30 years.” Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 17 at 10:00am local time via the MINISTRY website; additionally, Blabbermouth will be hosting an exclusive pre-sale on Tuesday, January 14, beginning at 10:00am local time and continuing until 10:00pm the following day. A full listing of dates for the Industrial Strength Tour can be found via the bands’ websites.
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