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Originally part of the burgeoning European EBM and electro movement of the early ’90s, In Absentia has returned to active duty with the announcement of a new single. Marking the band’s thirtieth anniversary, “Insanity” marks the first recorded output from the duo of Tommy B-Kuhlmann and Henrik Marx since reforming In Absentia in 2012; as such, the track is a return to the band’s roots in the formative years of EBM, blending energetic beats and searing bass lines with lyrics inspired by gothic horror, with “Insanity” also signaling what is yet to come as In Absentia is currently working on a full-length album, titled Reanimated, the band’s first since 1995’s Darkness. With plans for the album to emerge in 2021, the “Insanity” single is due for release on August 1 via the Tinnitorturous label, which was founded by Kuhlmann with his band mate in ManMindMachine, Negant, and Bitter Distrust, Jens B. Petersen.


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