Jun 2020 30

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Reveling in her singularity and breaking the mold with her avant-garde blend of hip-hop, industrial, funk, and synthwave, musician/producer Illuminatè Steele has unveiled the latest video from her album Davidian Sex Club. Conceived as the ultimate album teaser, the new video for “Desire By Design” utilizes footage from all of the past videos, making for what the artist calls an “eye-candied compilation” to introduce viewers and listeners to her unique and sensual audiovisual style. Released on December 9, 2019 and available via Bandcamp, Davidian Sex Club features seven tracks written and produced by Illuminatè Steele and mastered by Greg Reierson, best known for his work with The Cure and Prince; the record is referred to as “the sonic embodiment of seduction, leaving listeners craving more.” Additionally, Steele states of her music and artistic approach that “People either love me to death, or they hate my guts. It seems there is no in-between, and I am okay with that. I have never been concerned with ‘people pleasing’ and could never imagine living a life based on those terms. I would rather cease to exist then lead a life dependent on the approval of others.”



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