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Seemingly on an unending streak of archival releases since the 2014 Everyone, Everything, Everywhere album, Australian darkwave and goth/rock band IKON has issued three new digital items paying tribute to the group’s storied and extensive past. The first of these is a deluxe edition of the group’s 1998 album This Quiet Earth, the collection spanning four discs worth of material; recorded and produced by vocalist/guitarist Chris McCarter, the album marked IKON’s first release following the departure of original vocalist Michael Aliani – a.k.a. Michael Carrodus – only for McCarter to be unhappy with the results and completely remixing the album and re-recording his vocals 15 years later. The new collection focuses primarily on the 2013 edition, with several acoustic and alternate versions, totalling 48 tracks. “The Shattered Mirror” was then to be the album’s second single after “Subversion” in 1998, re-recorded and ultimately included on the original 2013 re-release; now remixed in a 2020 single version, The Shattered Mirror EP also includes a 2020 extended version of “Subversion” and two additional demos from the This Quiet Earth USB box set, the new single EP celebrating the album’s new deluxe edition of the album. Finally, there is the DATS the Way I Like It collection, which compiles several demos, outtakes, rough mixes, live versions, and rehearsal takes all culled from McCarter’s DAT tapes spanning 1994-1999, all remastered by Adam Calaitzis; this releases acts as a companion to the Tape Me Away album, which featured selections from McCarter’s private collection of bootleg recordings from 1988-1996, released in July 2020 as a Bandcamp exclusive.




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