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2020 marked the release of progressive and extreme metal musician Ihsahn’s Telemark and Pharos EPs, both of which represented different facets of his creative skills and personality – Telemark showcasing a return to his dark roots in black metal, and Pharos the lighter counterpart of poppier and more experimental sounds. Now, the artist has announced a livestream event taking place in his hometown of Notodden in which he will be performing both EPs in their entirety, scheduled for April 4 at Munin Live. Originally scheduled to perform a series of concerts and festival appearances in 2020, including the Inferno Festival in Norway, Ihsahn was like many musicians in 2020 forced to cancel his live itinerary due to the global crisis; “The plan was to do Telemark shows through the summer and focus in on my black metal roots,” he explains, “And then as a counterpart, I wanted to do a different show based on the more mellow, experimental side of what I do, trying to connect the two forms together.” Having ordered stage props from David Thiérrée’s illustrations for the originally canceled shows, Ihsahn will by joined by longtime collaborator (and brother-in-law) Einar Solberg of Leprous, performing Telemark and Pharos along with some selections from his 2013 Das Seelenbrechen record. Tickets for the event are available now via Munin Live, with the concert to begin at 8:00pm CET/3:00pm EST; additional information can be found on the event website.
Both via Candlelight Records in 2020, the Telemark EP was released on February 14, with the Pharos EP following on September 11. Each featured three original compositions by Ihsahn and two covers, the latter EP featuring Solberg on a cover of a-Ha’s “Manhattan Skyline.”


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