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On a steady upwards trajectory since the band’s foundation in 2015, Portuguese coldwave trio IAMTHESHADOW has announced the release of a new album, titled Pitchblack. Blending elements of post-punk, dark electro, and goth/rock, the album lyrically explores themes of acceptance for our true purpose and self, what the band describes as “an unsurpassable depth reachable on every breath.”

Preceded by the “Pitchblack” and “Always” singles earlier this year, the record also features guest appearances by Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Yvette Winkler (Vaselyne, Black Needle Noise), and The Frozen Autumn’s Diego Merletto; the latter appears on the track “Awake & Asleep,” which along with the album mix of “Always” is available to preview on Bandcamp, where Pitchblack can be pre-ordered in CD, digital, and vinyl formats. The album is due for release on May 13 via Cold Transmission Music; this marks the third full-length release from IAMTHESHADOW following the 2016 Everything In This Nothingness debut and 2018’s Embracing the Fall, as well as the 2017 EP All Our Demons.



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