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Portuguese trio IAMTHESHADOW continues to tread down its own cold and dark path with the announcement of a new album, the band’s fifth full-length effort, titled The Wide Starlight. Following up on 2020’s acclaimed Pitchblack, the new album has been gaining traction thanks to the “Remind Me” and “Unfold” singles, both released earlier this year, with cosmic themes revolving around the dichotomy of the finite and infinite within ourselves. Due for release on October 14 via Cold Transmission Music, The Wide Starlight is available for pre-order now in digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette formats; the record’s 12 tracks were all produced, mixed, and mastered by IAMTHESHADOW founder and front man Pedro Code, with the band rounded out by bassist Herr G. and Vitor J. Moreira on synths. Additionally, Splendidula’s Kristien Cools appears on “IAmtheDark” providing guest lyrics and vocals. A music video for the album’s title track made its premiere on September 8.



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