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Following the release of the band’s debut EP in 2019, Italian darkwave/post-punk duo Iamnoone has announced the release of the full-length album A Primitive Trinitas. According to the band, the album draws inspiration from the philosophy of the far east that answers do not matter if the question is deep enough, with Iamnoone exploring two perspectives – “One points to the primal instinct, the flesh, the senses, while the other aims at a deeper knowledge, more metaphysical, where the same instincts, the same flesh, and the same senses are somehow projected to a more subtle status of existence.” With a release date of February 29 on the Cold Transmission label, A Primitive Trinitas can be pre-ordered now via Bandcamp in CD and digital formats; the record was preceded this past January by the Mantis + Moonspell single, along with the music video for “Mantis.”



Philippe Marlat and Stephan Seth founded Iamnoone from the pair’s belief that “only through being no one we can, at last, reach peace,” searching for the inner light of deeper self. Their music blends elements of occult themes with cold darkwave electronics and post-punk melodies, with the band releasing the DVPLEX debut EP in March 2019; all physical editions of the EP are sold out, while digital editions are still available on Bandcamp.


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