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Since releasing her Code Blue debut in late 2018, I Ya Toyah has been steadily building herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industrial music scene with several remix singles and touring with the likes of Zwaremachine and Pigface, as well as becoming a member of The Joy Thieves. Now with a remix album nearing its release, I Ya Toyah has unveiled her latest single and music video, featuring Tim Sköld’s remix of “Motion.” Making its premiere on, I Ya Toyah’s Ania Tarnowska explains the track to be “a warning tale for all who spend too much energy trying to satisfy others’ expectations without self care and without living life here and now,” with the video serving as a reminder that survival depends on how well we take care of ourselves and our mental health; directed by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions, the video emphasizes simplicity and repetition, along with the contrast and distortion of color to further represent the song’s lyrical content, with Tarnowska explaining, “closing your eyes to switch the reality and deny the existing one only offers temporary solution… no color can cover up the darkness if you don’t truly address it.”  

Tim Sköld’s remix of “Motion” will be featured on the upcoming Code Blue Reloaded due for release on March 20 in CD and digital formats. Calling Tarnowska “crazy talent” and “one of the very few super exciting things I’ve heard in a long time,” Sköld further expresses his hope to work with her again. With pre-orders now available via Bandcamp, the album will also feature the remix talents of Rhys Fulber, Adoration Destroyed, Jack Alberson, Steven Olaf, The Joy Thieves, and more, with the Grendel remix of “Code Blue” available to preview.

Additionally, I Ya Toyah hints that plans for a series of mini-tours over the course of 2020 are in the works, including a show for the Women of the Underground Concert Series, which will also feature Lorelei Dreaming and Morgue VVitch, as well as opening for KANGA in La Crosse, WI. She also has plans to begin writing her second full-length album, stating that “I’ve been feeling very inspired for a while now. I feel if I don’t start writing, I’ll explode!”
Tim Sköld recently released his collaborative album with Psyclon Nine’s Nero Bellum under the moniker of Not My God. The album is available in digital and vinyl formats via Bandcamp, released on February 14 via Cleopatra Records.


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