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Chicago electro/industrial artist I Ya Toyah has unveiled a new music video for “Puppet,” the latest single from her October 2018 debut album Code Blue. Like her last video, “Puppet” was shot by Lumbra Records’ Joel Lopez, bringing forth a hypnotic and seductive visual accompaniment to the song, which I Ya Toyah’s Ania Tarnowska describes as “not for the faint of heart,” and a story of “confusion, entrapment, and punishment” that was originally a reaction to the sociopolitical zeitgeist. For the single and video, “Puppet” was remixed by Adoration Destroyed, with Erik Gustafson commenting that the remix “is our sexiest creation yet” as the band carries the original version’s “dark, sensual, and mysterious feel” into a more unconventional presentation of distorted beauty.

The Adoration Destroyed remix of “Puppet” follows the Rhys Fulber remix of “Flashback” released in May, with both tracks to be featured on an upcoming remix companion to Code Blue, due in early 2020; both remix singles, along with the original album can be purchased via Bandcamp. I Ya Toyah most recently completed a mini-tour with fellow Midwestern industrial act Zwaremachine, which included the collaboration track “Smile that Killed a Country” released in February. Additionally, Tarnowska is a contributing member of new industrial/rock supergroup The Joy Thieves; she appears in the band’s music video for “This Will Kill That,” also directed by Joel Lopez, while the EP was released in June via Armalyte Industries.


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  1. Joel says:

    Great article and awesome release!! Thank you so much!

  2. Dan Milligan says:

    I ADORE this remix…AND the video!

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