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Less than a week after the band made its debut with the “Artificial” single, California art rock act HU3M3N has unveiled the corresponding music video. Edited by Sebastien Paquet, the video blends evocative CGI with a disparate sci-fi narrative of a “cyborg girl” played by Nikki Gray, desperate to become human at the cost of another’s life, while the band performs in the desolation of the California desert; the visuals match the song’s themes of the illusions and masks people hide behindto present an inauthentic self. Vocalist Matt Bartosch explains the inspiration for the song came from a friend of his who was a prostitute, commenting that “She had to constantly change the way she looked, taking on a completely new persona for each of the customers she encountered. Most of us do this in our ways in our daily life, wearing masks we present to the world.”

Produced by guitarist Wes Geer and mixed by Amir Derakh, “Artificial” was released on June 4 via FRAME|WORK, an artist development company founded by Derakh and his Julien-K band mate Ryan Shuck. Best known for his production work with such nü-metal acts as KoRn and Hed P.E., Geer is joined in HU3M3N by D.I. bassist Clinton Calton, former Train drummer Scott Underwood, and the aforementioned Bartosch, who the band states they found “hiding in a rehab.” Of the band, Geer expresses the band members’ desire to create music that departs completely from their previous efforts, with Underwood stating further that “This is the type of music and edgy abstract visuals that I have always admired as a fan of music and art.” HU3M3N plans to release more music in 2021 and beyond, with a second single release already in the works.


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