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Once standing at the forefront of a burgeoning style of futurepunk in the early 2000s, it has been 11 years since audiences have heard a new release from U.K. act History of Guns. Now, the band has re-emerged with a new band lineup to produce Forever Dying In Your Eyes, released on August 1 via Liquid Len Recording Company, further showcasing the band’s blend of electro/industrial, post-punk, and alt. rock. “Previously, I think we’d found that being creative and making music, while not exactly making us any better, at least gave us a focus and a reason,” states founding keyboardist Max Rael, explaining that he and vocalist Del Alien had both struggled with mental health issues that eventually resulted in the long absence following 2011’s Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn Up at Twelve; further commenting that the new record presents “a kind of fatalistic acceptance,” Rael clarifies that History of Guns’ music creates a world for listeners to find overlap with their own emotional state to provide “a co-created space of escapism, openness, darkness, and light.” Joining Alien and Rael in the band now is guitarist Jamu Knight, with Forever Dying In Your Eyes now available in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp. Earlier this year, the album was preceded by music videos for the singles “You Wanted to Live” and “Running in Circles.”



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