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With the release of the We Deserve Extinction EP at the beginning of the year marking the industrial/noise project’s resurrection, Hindu Pez has now unveiled a new music video for the track “Wild Turkey, Sweat and Madness.” Shot across various locations in the band’s hometown of Norfolk, VA during the cold rain of December, this marks the first official music video from Hindu Pez since 2012‘s “Fuck on the Floor and Break Shit.” Directed by Matt Francis (drummer for Feral Conservatives, Shock Treatment, Herschel Hoover and more), the video for “Wild Turkey, Sweat and Madness” depicts Hindu Pez founder Gabriel Perry joined by his [0PT-0UT] band mate Matt McClure and Whitney Norfleet driving through the city, each armed with staplers and hanging posters of for the album – the title of We Deserve Extinction surrounded by the “bomb” band logo – set to the song’s skittering rhythms and shrill static synth textures.

We Deserve Extinction was released on January 1, 2021 and is now available digitally via Bandcamp; as the first of a planned trilogy of EPs to be released throughout the year, this first deals specifically with themes relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. The EP marked the first new material from Hindu Pez after the January 2019 release of Despair, Perry having ostensibly laid the project to rest in October of that year.


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