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The release of the We Deserve Extinction EP at the beginning of 2021 marked the return of Norfolk-based industrial/noise project Hindu Pez; now, founder Gabriel Perry reveals the second part of the triptych with Flee the Scene. Featuring three songs written in the Spring of 2020, the EP is true to its title with emotional themes of reevaluating one’s life and placement in a particular music scene, ultimately making a conscious decision to discard it; drawing inspiration from the ’90s sounds of the German underground, particularly that of the legendary Digital Hardcore Recordings imprint, the EP sees Perry focusing less on software and more on analog hardware, calling Flee the Scene “a love letter to the ‘Amen Break'” and the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. Produced, mixed, and mastered by JJ Williams, Flee the Scene was released on April 1 and is available via Bandcamp and all major streaming services.


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