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Swiss musician/producer Kurt Uenala has long operated under the moniker of Null + Void, working with the likes of Moby, Black Rebel Motorcycle, The Raveonettes, Ersasure, a-ha, and perhaps most notably Depeche Mode. Having relocated from New York City to Reykjavík, Iceland, Uenala kept in contact with vocalist Dave Gahan during the lockdowns, the two having formed a solid working foundation ever since the band’s Spirit album and Gahan’s appearance on Null + Void’s “Where I Wait” single, both in 2017; the results of this remote connection are now being released as the Manuscript EP, due for release on December 6 via HFN Music. “I always wondered what he was writing in the notebook,” Uenala says referring to Gahan’s penhant for occasionally jotting down various thoughts, feelings, and observations as they’d work in the vocalist’s NYC studio – those writings formed the basis of spoken word recordings Gahan would send to Uenala, the latter recording in a studio housed in decommissioned hospital on an Icelandic Fjörd. Stating that he “knew there were never to be songs,” Gahan further explains that his texts were written amid isolation – empty city streets, walks along the beach in winter – “Always whilst feeling the beauty, poser, and loneliness of a world beyond me.” The Manuscript EP is available for digital pre-order now via Bandcamp, with “G.O.D.” acting as the introductory single.



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