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Dark electronica act Hexadiode has released a new video for the title track of the band’s new album Metaxy. With Joe Kroger credited as executive producer, the video features Hexadiode’s Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh performing the track around a fire pit, the song showcasing the band’s blend of ’90s electro/industrial influences, and befitting the Halloween release date of the album. Earlier this year, ReGen had the privilege to premiere the album track “Markov Chain,” which presented a lyrical direction toward addressing the current sociopolitical zeitgeist.

Released on October 31 via EKProduct, Metaxy is the follow-up to Hexadiode’s 2016 Ibex debut and the 2017 self-released Contaminated remix EP; the album is now available via Bandcamp in digital and CD formats, as well as in vinyl with black variants limited to 200 and transclucent white variants limited to 100.


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Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
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