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Helvete Inc. front man releases first in new audio/visual kink series
S.T.R., the creative force behind Baltimore based industrial/metal act Helvete Inc., has released the first song in his SADO series, titled “SADO 1,” in the form of an NSFW music video. According to the artist, the SADO series is intended to play as a soundtrack “to accompany scenes of a highly sexual nature,” with the divergent sounds intended to nurture trancelike states of sexual arousal in the listener. Furthermore, SADO is designed specifically to play as “background sound that feeds the state of those involved in sexual ritual, fetish, and kink play,” and is currently exclusive to fetish clubs and kink events; the artist plans to make the series publicly available via Helvete Inc.’s own Deathglam Sindustry imprint in mid-summer.

SADO 1 from Helvete Inc. on Vimeo.

As S.T.R. has steadily made a name for himself as one of Baltimore’s most extreme performance artists, Helvete Inc. presents the culmination of his destructive theatrics with a blend of industrial, punk, metal, and synthwave. The music provides an inside view into the artist’s personal world, for which he has coined the name Golgotha. Referring to the crucixion of Christ upon the titular site, where he suffered “due to the darkness of man’s nature,” he elaborates that this world represents “a state of mind… a place in which mental illness and all the darker parts of one’s mind and being have freedom to manifest and thrive.”
Helvete Inc. released its debut album, Filth, on June 30, 2018 via Manta Ray Records; the album was produced and mixed by S.T.R. with Ingvar Jacobson. The “Seqgue” single followed in September, along with a three-track EP, The Inevitability of Nothing, in November. The live band features S.T.R. backed by bassist 9.11 and guitarist/keyboardist //Ry\\.


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