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Album CoverFollowing the release of “The Devil Inside” this past March, S.T.R. Helvete has continued Helvete Inc.’s darkly electronic audio/visual crusade to address mental illness and flesh out the imagined world of Golgotha, culminating now in a new full-length album. Performed, mixed, and mastered by S.T.R. in the enigmatic being’s newly constructed studio, The New Flesh marks the first album from the Baltimore industrial/metal and “deathsynth” act to feature collaborators in the writing process, with live bassist Neineleven contributing additional lyrics to “Genophobia,” while fellow Charm City rabble rouser Hemlock (Stoneburner, Sister Sarin) created the dynamic and frenetic cover art. Additionally, The New Flesh includes a cover of the classic “Controversy” by Prince, presented in both a longform and single edit. Although the record was “conceived and birthed in Golgotha,” S.T.R. stresses that this album marks the first under the “Minor Arcana” classification, which does not involve the imagined realm – a plane of existence known only to those with mental illness – while the “Major Arcana” label denotes albums specifically based on its mythos. Available for pre-order now via Bandcamp, The New Flesh is due for release on September 4 via Manta Ray Records.


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