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Stockholm’s Hatif has been slowly making the rounds with several singles and compilation appearances, announcing details for the duo’s full-length debut this past summer. Now, Markus Majdalani and Johan Eckerström have at last revealed the fruits of their labor with the release of Everything is Repetition; featuring the four previously released singles, as well as an alternate version of the compilation track “City Beneath the City,” the album was written and produced entirely by Majdalani and Eckerström over the course of the two years since their inception as Hatif, reflecting contemporary themes of rebellion and resistance and the need for communication in the midst of isolation. Everything is Repetition was released digitally today, September 30, via Town and Towers Records; as well, the band has revealed a visualizer for the opening track “A Small Scratch.” The After version of “City Beneath the City” appeared on GIVE/TAKE’s This is Deathpop compilation on June 24.



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