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Markus Majdalani and Johan Eckerström – collectively known as Hatif – have already over the course of four singles and several compilation appearances effectively built a sizeable audience anxious for the band’s first full-length album. At long last, the Stockholm duo has announced details for Everything is Repetition, due to appear this Fall on all streaming platforms via Town and Towers Records. The band made its debut in October of 2021 with the “Pool” single, following by “Weight” in November; 2022 then saw “Close to None” and “Repetition,” all released via ScentAir Records and garnering acclaim from such publications as Electrozombies, White Light/White Heat, Atomium Magazine, and of course, ReGen. Most recently, Hatif will be appearing on GIVE/TAKE’s This Is Deathpop compilation with the exclusive track “City Beneath the City (After),” due for release on June 24.


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