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Finnish goth/rock act Hateful Chains has announced the upcoming release of a new single, “Good People,” via Bandcamp and Spotify. Produced by the band’s guitarist Kimmo Laaksonen at Waudiomastering, the track was written by founder/vocalist Flora Kok with contributions from Aino-kuoro and the other band members; a lyrical lament on the hypocrisy of people’s failure to see their own dark side, “Good People” is the fifth and final single from Hateful Chains’ full-length debut, which is expected to be out in summer of 2020 – the first two singles, “Siouxsie on the Beach” and “A Night Like This” were released in July 2018, followed by “She Smiles” in September 2018, and “It’s All Right” in June of this year. Hateful Chains was born of Kok’s frustrations with the limitations of classical singing, leading her to create a blend of gothic music with elements of metal and idie rock influences, with Laaksonen, bassist Jani Ilander, and drummer Jani Vilhunen rounding out the lineup.


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