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Signing to Danse Macabre Records, Finnish goth/rock act Hateful Chains has announced the release of its full-length debut album, titled Invite. With themes of inner conflict revolving around a world spiraling into madness, the album follows the band’s formation in 2016 and the subsequent release of five singles over the ensuing years, with the most recent being “She Smiles,” released in September 2020. Due for release on April 2, Invite will be preceded by the music video for “Invite Me In,” with the album to feature the previously released singles; all of Hateful Chains’ music is produced by guitarist Kimmo Laaksonen at Waudiomastering, written and arranged by founder/vocalist Flora Kok with contributions from Aino-kuoro and the other band members. The band made its debut in 2018 with the “A Night Like This” single and video, performed at Lumois Gothic Festival.


Hateful Chains
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