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Nearly two years after the release of the London, U.K. synthwave band’s sophomore album, Gunship has unveiled a new music video for the latest single from Dark All Day, titled “Black Blood Red Kiss.” Showcasing the dreamier and more atmospheric side to the trio’s brand of retro-electro, the song features a guest performance from renowned tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and musician Kat Von D adding her vocals to the chorus. A longtime fan of dark electronic music and even referring to herself as “probably the biggest Gunship fan out there,” Von D was both excited and intimidated by the opportunity to collaborate with the trio, going on to praise Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, and Alex Gingell for their blend of musical nostalgia and lyrical melancholy. Of the final song, she calls it “a perfect match made in heaven… or hell.”

Album CoverThe collaboration between Gunship and Kat Von D on “Black Blood Red Kiss” took place through exchanges on social media and sharing music files and vocal recordings without either party meeting the other face-to-face. Similarly, the video created by Polygon was shot with the band in London and Von D in Los Angeles, the visuals inspired by David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and adorned with glitch and VHS effects appropriate to Gunship’s sound. While lamenting the inability to shoot the video in the same room with the group, Von D comments, “I mean, who doesn’t enjoy bathing in a fully body nylon catsuit in a bathtub full of black water for hours?” She also expresses excitement at the prospect of working with Gunship again, the band already signed on to provide a remix for her own upcoming album. Prior to “Black Blood Red Kiss,” Von D had famously appeared on electro/rock act IAMX’s “Stardust” in 2018; in October of that year, Gunship released Dark All Day, with the album’s title track also featuring a guest performance by fellow U.K. electro-pop artist Indiana and saxophonist Tim Capello.

“Black Blood Red Kiss” will be released as a 7-inch vinyl single on December 4, with pre-orders now available. Presented in a heavy red splatter on transparent vinyl in a 300gsm flouro-ink spined sleeve, the single includes the Choir Noir remix of the track as the B-side.


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