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Having cultivated his reputation as a formidable vocalist and performer in various bands and musical styles, Greg Puciato will be releasing his solo album debut, Child Soldier: Creator of God, this month via his own Federal Prisoner imprint. As such, he has released the album’s second single, “Deep Set,” with the music video making its premiere on May 1 via Consequence of Sound; performed entirely by Puciato with drums provided by Chris Hornbrook, the track demonstrates the artist’s propensity for juxtaposing haunting melody and ambience with belligerent snarling vocal and instrumental textures to create an exuberant style somewhere between the experimental hardcore leanings of his work in The Dillinger Escape Plan with a darker bent more akin to the industrial noise of Prurient. Like the “Fire For Water” single released in March, “Deep Set” was released as 12-inch vinyl single limited to 250 copies; both singles sold out immediately within hours of their respective releases, with digital editions still available on Bandcamp. The cover art for the “Deep Set” single is presented as an homage to Soundgarden’s 1989 album Louder Than Love. Produced by Nick Rowe and mixed by Steve Evetts, Child Soldier: Creator of God marks Puciato’s first solo endeavor under his own name, with the artist explaining that, “it felt like the right time to create a home for anything that I do that didn’t fit neatly under any other existing roof.” He clarifies that the material was originally written over the course of the last year with the intention of composing for The Black Queen, “except that’s not at all what came out.”




Puciato formed the Federal Prisoner imprint in 2018 with artist Jesse Draxler, releasing his book of poetry and photography, Separate the Dawn in early 2019; the preceding year, he wrote the foreword for Draxler’s Misophonia. The two have also collaborated on several music videos for The Black Queen and on the video for “Fire For Water.” On April 3, Draxler released his collaboration with Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker, “Time reign cemenT,” from his own upcoming album Reigning Cement.


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