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As the release of a new album steadily approaches, Chicago electroscuzz sensation GoFight continues to generate excitement with the release of the record’s third single and music video, “Out of the Fire.” Along with the video edit of the song, the single offers nine remixes of the track created by fellow electro/industrial luminaries Blue Eyed Christ, Slighter, Machines with Human Skin, Nevada Hardware, DoublePlusTen, and The Rain Within, along with several instrumental and alternate mixes. Like the preceding videos for “DirtyFuckingPretty” and “Ghosts of the Earth,” the video for “Out of the Fire” continues the cautionary dystopian narrative of the upcoming sixth album, MekaDisko, all the while maintaining GoFight’s distinct “pro-sex/anti-war” stance – while the video for “Ghosts of the Earth” focus on the grand visions of progress being built at the expense of “dead and dying workers, slaves, natives, and children,” “Out of the Fire” presents the revolutionary backlash, “the point where the human worker population of the future finally decides to fight back, knowing that things will get worse before they better.” GoFight founder and vocalist Jim Marcus goes on to say that the song holds a special place in the MekaDisko timeline and that “It feels pertinent to me now when we talk about revolution, about fighting back against endemic racism and classism, fascism, and a callous administration, knowing that these roads don’t get shorter or less bumpy. And in the middle of the fight, you miss your complacent self and how easy it was to ignore it all.” He concludes with words of hope, stating that history has been clear that “something good” lies ahead and that “Justice is no accident, but it requires a fight.”


Written and performed by Marcus with the participation of GoFight band mates Daniel Evans, Vince McAley, and Mission Marcus, “Out of the Fire” is now available via Bandcamp, with MekaDisko‘s original July 4 release date pushed back to August due to the COVID-19 pandmic. The previous singles, “DirtyFuckingPretty” and Ghosts of the Earth are also available on Bandcamp.


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