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Since the formation of his GLDN project in 2017, Brookyln artist Nicholas Golden has been gradually honing his craft as a performer, and now his efforts have resulted in the impending release of his debut EP, First Blood. Drawing upon a myriad of musical and cinematic influences, GLDN operates on the philosophy that art not only should, but must be transgressive, risky, and uncomfortable; as a means to challenge societal and cultural norms and to turn the proverbial mirror unto the audience, Golden goes on to state, “Art should cause people to question themselves, their beliefs, and their actions,” Blending elements of industrial, goth, metal, and crust punk, and recorded at various Brooklyn studios, First Blood is due for release on July 22, with the opening track “Gravedigger” acting as its first single. Of the single, Golden explained in an interview with In an interview with Terra Relicta, “We’ve all met our fair share of liars, hypocrites, and sycophants, and this track is an exploration of interactions with those kinds of people – the bottom feeders, users, and abusers we all want to bury.” Citing the influence of classic industrial acts like Skinny Puppy and MINISTRY, he concludes, “Listen to it anytime someone tries to fuck with you.”


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