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Nobody can accuse Justin K. Broadrick of not being prolific, experimental, or versatile, as much known for his numerous other projects as for being the founder of Godflesh. Among them is Pale Sketcher, founded in 2010 as a means to still explore a more electronic direction and allow Jesu to return its focus to guitar-based composition, and named as the music presented sketches of tracks initially intended for that band as Broadrick realized that these hypnotic excursions of electronic sound were better suited to their own outlet. Nonetheless, Pale Sketcher releases could literally be counted on one hand as the man focused more on his higher profile acts, with Golden Skin – recorded between 2009-2013 and originally to appear on Rephlex Records, the label launched by Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James – ultimately remaining unreleased… until now. Showcasing Broadrick’s experiments with vocal sampling, intricate programming, while still retaining a dreamy shoegazing ambience, Golden Skin has now been given its completed form, due for release on September 23 via GIVE/TAKE in digital, CD, and vinyl formats; pre-orders are available on Bandcamp. This marks the first new release from Pale Sketcher since 2013.


Justin K. Broadrick
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Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
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