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Today, March 10 marks the release of Opt Out, the latest EP from Jonathan L. Ford under the moniker of Dissociate. Emphasizing the artist’s rhythmic and atmospheric blend of IDM and industrial, the EP presents Ford’s penchant for spontaneity and Dissociate’s philosophy of exploring motifs and arrangements that are easily recognized through the use of sounds that don’t exist in nature; using samples and hardward synthesizers, the project seeks to encourage listeners “to shed their mental and physiological binds.” Released by GIVE/TAKE as the last entry in the label’s winter series, Opt Out is available digitally on Bandcamp; the EP is the first new material from Dissociate since the 2016 Parse/Process album.


Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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