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Best known as one of the founding brothers of Welsh goth/alt. rock act Gene Loves Jezebel, Jay Aston has announced that he will be conducting a tour of the U.S. this Fall as the opening act for The ChameleonsVox. Stating his intention to let the songs “breathe and go in whatever direction I feel in the moment,” Aston will be performing a mixed set of songs reinterpreted from his varied repertoire of solo releases, Gene Loves Jezebel albums, and his Ugly Buggs side project; he further expresses his hope to record these performances of alternate versions. Jay Aston’s solo tour begins on October 8 in Boston, MA and will continue until November 11 in Philadelphia, PA; a full listing of tour dates can be found on the artist’s website. This tour follows the North American Sigma LXXXV Tour his version of Gene Loves Jezebel embarked on earlier this year, which ran form July 19 to September 8.


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