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Now signed to Metropolis Records, genCAB has announced the release of a new album, revealing today the introductory single, “The Badge.” Full of the David Dutton’s signature melodicism set to throbbing dark electro beats and post-industrial textures, the single is genCAB’s second release of 2023 after the revised version of “Perish the Thought;” the single features an additional War Machine remix by Flesh Field, giving the song a more guitar-driven and Teutonic character akin to Neue Deutsche Härte. “The Badge” will be featured on the forthcoming Signature Flaws album, which arrives on October 20 via Metropolis Records, available now to pre-order in digital and CD formats. The album follows up on the highly acclaimed Thoughts Beyond Words, released in early 2022 via Negative Gai Productions, and the subsequent Everything You See Is Mine EP.


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