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In anticipation of the band’s upcoming performance at this year’s Riot Fest, Chicago post-punk act Ganser has announced a new single titled “Bad Form,” releasing on July 26. According to the band, the song expresses the “common yet isolating paralysis of not doing enough” as a reflection of the year-long period of songwriting since Ganser’s acclaimed Odd Talk debut album in 2018; “Bad Form” is the quartet’s catharsis to this paralysis, with bassist/vocalist Alicia Gaines commenting, “When you’re in the middle of writing and recording, it’s very easy to fall into extreme feelings of guilt over procrastination, when you’re already stretched thin.” As such, the music video – shot and directed by longtime associate Kirsten Miccoli in cooperation with the band – is presented as a series of surreal vignettes, projected light and images upon disparate faces and expressions conveying the “wishful thinking of being someone else, running in circles to no end, disorienting doubles and the blinding light of being seen.”


“Bad Form” marks the second single released by Ganser since 2018’s Odd Talk, following “Pastel,” which was released in October 2018. The band is currently working with producers Brian Fox and Mie Clarke on the upcoming sophomore album. As previously stated, Ganser is also slated to perform at this year’s Riot Fest, taking places from September 13-15 in Chicago, IL at the Douglas Park Cultural and Community Center. Tickets are now available via EventBrite, with additional info on the Facebook event page.


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