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Following the release of the This Heaven Gives Me Migraine EP in February, Gang of Four continues to pay tribute to the band’s late guitarist Andy Gill with a new EP, titled Anti Hero. Written by the surviving members of the eminent English post-punk act with Gill’s widow Catherine Mayer, the EP references the guitarist’s skeptical attitude and lifelong mistrust of revered political and celebrity figures; Mayer elaborates, “He could always spot when someone was blowing smoke,” going on to say that Gill “would be moved and delighted that artists he loved and admired have some together to celebrate him by launching this EP and for such a good cause,” referring to the fact that all proceeds for Anti Hero will go toward Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, the London hospital “that tried to hard to save his life earlier this year.” As such, music distributor Republic of Music has waived distribution fees for the EP to maximize the income for the charity, with Anti Hero due for release on July 17.

The EP features cover artwork created by Shepard Fairey, best known for having created the iconic “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” (…OBEY…) poster campaign and the “Hope” image for former U.S. President Barack Obama; “the band demonstrates that great art can powerfully merge pleasure and intellectual provocation,” Fairey states, further commenting that although devastated at Gill’s passing, he was “honored to make a portrait of himi in the hope of creating an iconic image of one of my heroes.”
The first single from the EP, “Forever Starts Now” was released on May 29, with “Day Turns to Night” to follow as the second single on June 26; “Forever Starts Now” was originally titled “Hero,” written by Gill and vocalist John Sterry about “a character who sees himself as the hero of his own life and manipulates his partner into supporting this fantasy.” The second single was written by Sterry days after Gill’s death, the singer stating that he prefers to cloak lyrics in ambiguity; as such, although the song wasn’t intended to be about Gill, “It just came out that way,” with the track acting as Sterry’s first solo outing under the moniker of JJ Sterry. He concludes, “It’s just a pure distillation of the years I’d spent with Andy and the band.” The EP’s other two tracks, “Change the Locks” and “Glass” were completed at the time of Gill’s passing, with Sterry commenting on Gill’s “ability to write songs that remain relevant was unparalleld,” the two songs bearing a resonance with the current COVID-19 lockdowns.


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