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Album CoverPleasure For Music has announced a limited edition reissue of Harps of the Ancient Temples by American Harpist Gail Laughton. Originally released in 1969 and long out-of-print, the album stands as Laughton’s only solo album release, showcasing the artist’s immersive and celestial musical style that has long been heralded as a significant forerunner to ambient and new age music; several tracks from the album would go on to be featured on the influential 2013 I Am the Center: Private Issue New Age Music in America 1950-1990 compilation, while an excerpt from the track “Pompeii 76 A.D.” was famously featured in the 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner. Limited to 300 copies, Harps of the Ancient Temples is available to order now on Soundohm.
Born in Oklahoma in 1921, Laughton’s family was deeply immersed in the harp as his mother was a teacher and his father a builder of the instrument. After touring with his family’s orchestra as a child, he joined the Oklahoma City Symphony at the minimum age of 15, later appearing regularly on weekly radio broadcasts before making his mark in Hollywood; he performed on the soundtrack to 1951’s A Streetcar Named Desire, 1967’s The War Wagon, 1959’s Rio Bravo, doubled for Cary Grant in 1947’s The Bishop’s Wife, and contributed to numerous animation scores.


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