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Minneapolis based industrial/rock group Gabriel and the Apocalypse has unveiled an acoustic remix and video of the track “Bleed Me an Ocean,” which made its premiere in Sofa King Cool Magazine. Front woman Lindy Gabriel describes the original track as the most vulnerable and emotional song on the band’s 2019 Alpha Bionic album, with the stripped down version enhancing the track’s rawness and allowing for both the performance and the production to speak for itself; she goes on to say that “It’s a relatable song that people can really connect with.” Self-proclaimed as an orgy on wheels, Gabriel and the Apocalypse is known for frenetic and intense live shows, having toured with groups including Wednesday 13, American Head Charge, Flaw, Mushroomhead, and Lords of Acid. The band had completed a touring cycle when the global pandemic hit, allowing for the focus to return to songwriting; the acoustic mix of “Bleed Me an Ocean” is the second remix after Alpha Bionic following the Burn It Down remix of “Systemic Chaos” by Rick “Stitch” Thomas (Mushroomhead, Ventana) released in September.


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