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One of the most anticipated tours of 2020, the electrosexual powerhouse known as Lords of Acid will be taking the U.S. by storm on the Make Acid Great Again Tour. Beginning on March 13 in Los Angeles and concluding on April 15 in San Francisco, the tour will see founder and lead programmer/keyboardist Praga Khan working double time as he will also be performing a solo DJ set as part of the opening lineup, which also includes fellow electro-pop acts Aesthetic Perfection and MXMS. Marking her second consecutive U.S. tour fronting Lords of Acid will be vocalist Marieke Bresseleeres, who made her debut with the band on the 2018 Pretty in Kink album; the band will be rounded out by the regular touring rhythm section of bassist DieTrich Thrall and drummer Galen Waling, along with legendary guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT, The Mission U.K., Peter Murphy) and latex/fetish performance artist Ashley Bad. A full listing of tour dates can be found on the bands’ websites, while ticket and V.I.P. packages can be purchased via SoundRink.


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